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Most of the early years of my training consisted of basic bodybuilding training. I just use to be more focused on moving bigger weights than getting a pump. Weighted dips is my favorite exercise, if there is one secret exercise I would say that's it. You can get the same feel as bench, use crazy weights and no need for spotter. I try to have my elbows flare same as bench not tucked all the way and not out directly to the side. My newest split which I am very happy with goes like this.

Monday: All Heavy Chest,Shoulders,Triceps

Tuesday: Heavy Legs

Wednesday: Heavy Back and Biceps

Thursday: Cardio,Core

Friday: Light Weight Pump/Speed focus Chest,Shoulders,Rotator cuff,Triceps

Saturday: Light Back and Biceps Heavy Traps and Forearms

Sunday: OFF Eat like a Hog

On Friday the speed part is the bench and close grip bench I tend to lift everything faster than average but the rest of the exercises are more focused on pump and deep stretch.

On the Light days I only take about one minute rest between sets on heavy days closer to 3-4 minutes.

By Thursday your ATP is going to be sapped so the cardio is light low paced just get the blood moving.

That's a real quick overview if anyone wants to know specific exercises or anything else just ask.

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