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It is human nature to try to find the fastest way to do something…just as it is human nature to want to disavow responsibility when things don’t go as planned. People like instant gratification,and people like things to go right. Patience, planning, and creative thinking are too often dismissed in light of wanting a quick fix or an easy solution to a particular problem. However, this type of thinking is a trap that will only shortchange you in the long run.

With that aside, let’s get into it…


In closing, please recognize some basic truths:

Getting lean is a long-term process, and it will involve calories and cutting. Getting strong is a long-term process, and it will involve learning and analysis. Learning from someone else will require listening and a willingness to change. Weak points will need to be addressed, some perspective will be learned in time, and majoring in the minors or obsessing over what you don’t have will neither teach you nor benefit you. And as always, Live, learn, and Pass On.

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