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AHAHAH hvordan kunne han tenke at det var en god idè? XD

A man found himself in serious trouble after an encounter with a particularly slippery customer.

eel.jpgA 39-year-old man from the Guangdong province in China found himself hospitalised this week after putting a live swamp eel up his arse. After taking the very sensible choice of seeking medical attention it turns out his doctor thought this was a story we’d all like to hear.

Apparently the man had been drinking (of course) when he decided that it would be the perfect time to copy his favourite adult movie and put a live, twenty inch-long eel up his own anus. The stunt went wrong when the eel slipped out of his grasp (as eels are prone to do) and proceeded to burrow into the darkest space it could find, to try and escape from the crazy man.

Unfortunately for both parties the darkest space was inevitably inwards. In it’s bid for freedom the eel chewed its way out through the man’s colon into his body cavity – think Alien just with less chest bursting. It was at this point the man rushed himself to accident and emergency. Doctors proceeded to operate and amazingly both the man and the eel survived, though the eel sadly died shortly afterwards of what can only be assumed to be shame and humiliation.

As of right now the man is being investigated on charges of animal cruelty, though undoubtedly the thought of having to recite this story again to a court will feel like a punishment all of it’s own.

Here’s the doctor’s original blog but fair warning about both the images and that the page was originally in Chinese and after running it through Google translate the results are almost as hilarious as the story itself.


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