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America ! Fuck yeah !

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Jepp. Om historien er sann, så er det helt jævlig.

Og det skulle ikke forundre meg.

En god del av disse miljøene er jo sterkt isolerte.

Det framstår for meg som hylende ironisk at å oppdra et barn på en måte som etter alle tegn er barnemisbruk på flere nivå kan gå for å være en god, kristen oppdragelse. Noe gikk forferdelig galt på veien der et sted. WWJD? Som Gandhi sa: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

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Mest aktive i denne tråden

Mest aktive i denne tråden

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Var litt i tvil på om jeg skulle plassere denne i denne tråden, men i og med at religion er litt On-topic valgte jeg å poste den her likevel:D

http://www.lommelegen.no/legesvar/meget-alternativt Genial lege som svarer her:

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Dokumentaren Drone tar for seg hvordan USA bruker droner i krigføring. Den skal jeg se, selv om jeg ikke akkurat gleder meg. Krigføring er fucked up shit uansett hvordan det gjøres. I et litt større perspektiv så virker det som bruk av droner er en faktor for rekruttering til terrororganisasjoner. Vanlige folk som vet lite om spillet som foregår i kulissene blir brukt som brikker etter at landsbyen deres bombes av droner. Colletaral damage osv.

Se bare på hva varsler John Kiriakou sier om sine erfaringer i CIA - om tortur i amerikanske fengsler, tortur og bruk av droner i Midt-Østen. Ære være varslere som han og Snowden, de trengs.

KK: What do you make of the fact that ISIS is dressing their prisoners in orange? You have the under secretary of Defense saying that they’re motivated by Guantánamo.

JK: I think they are motivated by Guantánamo. Our actions, be they incarcerating people in Guantánamo without the benefit of trial, be they drone strikes – I can’t tell you how many wedding parties we took out with drones during the hunt for Osama bin Laden because we saw a tall man wearing a white robe. Like nobody else in the world is tall and wears a white robe except Osama bin Laden. We killed dozens of people at wedding celebrations that way. Things like that, like Guantánamo and drone attacks, do more to help recruitment for groups like al-Qaeda or ISIS than anything they could do.

People make a big deal about ISIS’ social media presence. Yeah, that’s great, they’re very sophisticated. But what really helps them recruit is actions by us: where we show disrespect for human rights, disrespect for civil liberties, and a propensity to torture people.

KK: On the one hand, you have drones that are exacerbating terror; and would you agree the prison system exacerbates crime?

JK: Oh, absolutely. Yes. There’s no training, there’s no therapy, there’s no education. There’s no way that you can better yourself in prison. Unless you’re looking for your GED – they will give you your GED. But if you want to learn welding, or plumbing or auto repair, or anything, anything at all – you want to take a college course – you’re out of luck. There’s just no money for that kind of thing. It’s because we’re incarcerating too many people and we’re spending it on the cost of incarceration.

No one gets any help, no one gets any training, no one gets any psychological therapy. So when they finish their sentences, they just walk out the door, and here you have a person who’s been in prison for years, has no marketable skills, probably has no education, has no family support structure, and you just turn him out on the street, and tell him good luck? Well of course he’s going to re-offend, because prison is the only thing he knows. At least in prison he’s being fed three times a day, he gets to watch TV when he wants to, he can play cards with his friends or watch movies and hang out, or go to the weight pile and work out, or go on the yard and jog. Why would he give that up to live on the street? It doesn’t make any sense.

KK: In a few interviews you speculated that CIA torture isn’t so much to extract actionable intelligence as it is that people were angry after 9/11, and there was a kind of vengeance, or almost bloodlust. Would you say that might also be behind our penal system?

JK: Yes. Yeah. You get that in spades from the guards. You’ve heard of the famous Stanford [prison study]? That experiment has taught us so much about human behavior. He really was onto something. You see it every single day in prison.

KK: Given how much of a failure the incarceration system is – indeed, it’s had the opposite effect from preventing future crime – how similar would you say the motives are to those of drone strikes? Because neither work.

JK: Neither work. And we’ve proven that neither work. But both give you a feeling of power and control. And I think that’s what it’s really about – control. Or at least the illusion of control. You see that every single day in prison.

Look what drone strikes have done: while we probably do take out a terrorist leader every once in a while, the collateral damage, in my view, is unacceptable. So many innocent people have been killed, including American citizens. I just don’t see how it’s legal.

KK: As an Afghanistan and Iraq expert, what do you think of the US strategy with respect to ISIS? I don’t understand it – the airstrikes aren’t working. It’s just like prison, it’s just like the drone strikes: the airstrikes are increasing ISIS’ recruitment.

Is it the same thing you said before, is it about power and control and showing them who’s boss?

JK: Yeah, I think that’s it. I think that we’ve got policymakers who insist on being the big dogs on the block. There are so many about whom the press has said, “They haven’t seen a war they didn’t love.” I find that to be true.

I’ve dealt personally, one-on-one, with al-Qaeda fighters. In the time that I was chief of counterterrorism operations in Pakistan, I oversaw the capture of 52 al-Qaeda fighters. One thing that really shocked me when dealing with these people [was], with the exception of about four of them, most were just like 19- or 20-year-old kids. They were illiterate. They had no job skills. They were from these isolated villages in their home countries. Many, for whatever reason, didn’t get along with their fathers.

Everyone told a similar story: They didn’t know what to do. No girl would marry them. So the local Imam said, “Here’s a plane ticket, fly to Dubai and you’ll be met by an Imam there.”

So they fly to Dubai, an Imam meets them, gives them a ticket to Pakistan and $500 and says, “Well, you don’t have anything else to do, so you should go make jihad against the Americans.”

So they follow this familiar [path] into Afghanistan, they were trained in the camps there, they made jihad against the Americans, September 11 happened and they ran for their lives, and we caught them (in Pakistan).

These guys did not even know the proper prayers at prayer time. They had never read the Quran because they couldn’t read. They were in Afghanistan and Pakistan just because they had nothing better to do, and it was a way to make a little money, and in the event that they were killed, their parents would be given $500. So these were not hardened terrorists, these were just confused young men.

I always maintained that if they had had educations, or access to [one], and if their country were able to implement development projects with international funds, we wouldn’t have much of this terrorist problem.

Now ISIS is a little different. ISIS was created solely out of a hatred for the United States. ISIS was created in American military prisons in Iraq – we know that for a fact.

Og nå har det amerikanske militæret et nytt problem, dronepiloter slutter. Med erfaringer som dette så kan jeg skjønne hvorfor:

Some say that the drone war has driven them over the edge. "How many women and children have you seen incinerated by a Hellfire missile? How many men have you seen crawl across a field, trying to make it to the nearest compound for help while bleeding out from severed legs?" Heather Linebaugh, a former drone imagery analyst, wrote in the Guardian. "When you are exposed to it over and over again it becomes like a small video, embedded in your head, forever on repeat, causing psychological pain and suffering that many people will hopefully never experience."

"It was horrifying to know how easy it was. I felt like a coward because I was halfway across the world and the guy never even knew I was there,” Bryant told KNPR Radio in Nevada. "I felt like I was haunted by a legion of the dead. My physical health was gone, my mental health was crumbled. I was in so much pain I was ready to eat a bullet myself."

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En av dem er, tror jeg, fat rights activist Ragan Chastain, AKA Dances with fat

Hahaaaah! :D Til hennes forsvar: Ikke den verste dansinga jeg har sett det der. Det er fortsatt bedre å være feit og aktiv enn bare feit. Fatties unite!

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Apropos Bill Maher: Han driter seg ut innimellom med flere tankefeil og påfølgende feilslutninger. Det er vel og bra å være skeptisk, men Maher drar den for langt og ender opp med regelrett antivitenskaplige holdninger selv om han påstår han ikke har det.

Det er f.eks. greit å være skeptisk til Monsanto, men Monsanto er ikke det samme som GMO. Bill Maher er tydeligvis skeptisk til all GMO. Han er også skeptisk til influensavaksiner. Influensa dreper mellom 250.000 - 500.000 mennesker hvert år, men likevel er Maher skeptisk fordi vaksinene kan bomme på de bestemte influensavirusene hver sesong slik at de ikke er så effektive som de kunne vært. Det blir en svart/hvitt tankegang, som også viser liten forståelse for hvordan disse vaksinene fungerer.

Det virker å være en gjenganger at fordi legevitenskapen har gjort feil tidligere eller ernæringsråd fra gammelt av har blitt oppdatert så skal det liksom være grobunn for generell skepsis til alt innenfor f.eks. offentlige ernæringsråd eller legemiddelindustrien. Come the fuck on. Confirmation bias much? Vi skal være glade for at ny informasjon kommer fram og råd blir oppdatert i tråd med ny kunnskap. Hva er egentlig alternativet? Avvise all vitenskaplig basert informasjon pga. tidligere feil?

Et viktig vitenskaplig prinsipp er å forkaste utdatert kunnskap og oppdatere i tråd med nye funn. Maher velger å være skeptisk på sviktende grunnlag. Det er selvfølgelig grunn til å være kritisk til legemiddelindustrien, for den er på ingen måte perfekt med sin lobbyvirksomhet og tilbakeholding av negativ forskning om legemidler, men det er et stort hopp derfra til å avskrive råd og influensavaksiner pga. generell skepsis. Disappoint.

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Gjest Jester

Jeg er enig der Tronaldo :) Men på mange områder er han en av få (og dermed viktige stemmer) i mainstream Amerika for å prøve å faktisk slå tilbake mot mye av dumskapen. Selv om han på noen tema, som GMO, virker litt for "new age" :)

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